INEVO’s Success Stories

Read what our clients have to say about the INEVO Contouring experience!

“I want to thank INEVO Contouring because if I didn’t hear about this, I would never have known what I could do for my stomach. This is my dream that I’ve been waiting for! I have tried everything for my stomach, and I’m so happy that I finally found INEVO Contouring!” – D.D. Lost 8 1/8 Inches

“I believe! INEVO Contouring worked for me, and now I want more treatments done. The sessions were relaxing, and afterwards I felt energized! I feel great inside and out!” – J.V. Lost 11.75 Inches

I started treatments at INEVO, and it was amazing! By the end of my twelve treatments, I had lost 15 pounds and 9 inches from my midsection, with no downtime and no surgery! I would highly recommend the LipoLaser and INEVO Contouring! They really helped me start my path to a healthy lifestyle! – J.L.

My sessions at INEVO Contouring were relaxing and calming. I have lost inches and developed healthier lifestyle habits! There is no magic way to lose weight, but this process comes close! – R.Y.

If you’d like to read more client testimonials, view amazing before and after photos or watch INEVO’s clients talk about their experience, then visit our Success Stories page!

If you would like more information on INEVO Contouring’s revolutionary LipoLaser, and what we can do for you, then please contact us at: 412.366.5140 or email us at:

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